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The simple truth is we can no longer rely on safe, low-cost energy from our public utilities. With the public power grid becoming more and more unreliable, power outages are happening with far greater frequency and unpredictability and are lasting longer. The only certainties are that at some point your public utility is going to fail and the cost of the energy it provides will continue to rise. Our system protects you from this.

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Secure your Home with Stable, Sustainable Electrical and Thermal Energy

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The First Complete Energy Solution for Your Home. The Interactive Energy Grid™ from Energy Security™ is the first and only fully integrated residential energy solution that keeps your power and heat on, no matter what. Our intelligent system is built with everything needed to seamlessly capture, store, manage, and maintain your residential electric and thermal energy needs. No matter what the energy source - solar, wind, fuel-cell, co-generation, back-up power generation, or the public grid - our system unites them all. With Energy Security as your trusted partner, you can rest assured your power is secure day-in and day-out, year-in and year-out.

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IEG Explained

The key to our Interactive Energy Grid (IEG) is its ability to intelligently monitor and control the flow of energy from all sources. The systems and technology utilized in our IEG were not previously scaled to residential use  ESI is at the forefront of bringing this technology to you. All your energy inputs (solar, thermal, utility, etc.) and outputs (electrical, pool, home heat, etc.) are connected as one, with the IEG storing and dispensing energy as you need it.

IEG Explained

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Our custom Energy Security App allows you to monitor and control your system from the palm of your hand. You can see in real-time how your system is functioning and make desired adjustments. Diving deeper into the app, you’re able to view all systems (electrical and thermal) connected to the Interactive Energy Grid (IEG) dynamically and historically. This gives you an interactive experience to look at your energy as you’ve never seen it before.

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Energy Security, Inc. was formed to better address the market created by the public grid’s inability to deliver consistent, reliable power to customers here in Northern California. With decades of experience building energy security solutions, our team is well equipped to assist you with your project. We are highly skilled and knowledgeable with a product unlike anything you have seen before. The Interactive Energy Grid (IEG) we install is made up of the highest quality industrial components available in the industry.  Our partner Benjamin Electric, who has been manufacturing state-of-the-art electrical systems for over 100 years, assembles the core of our IEG. This combination creates an unmatched team of experts that delivers a highly efficient value-engineered product.

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