Who We Are

Energy Security, Inc. (ESI) designs, engineers and manufactures the BAM™ series of Micro-Grids and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

ESI’s founders have been designing and implementing comprehensive energy systems for smart-home customers for over 30 years. These customers required clean, uninterrupted energy to keep their properties' sophisticated systems operating, and their families safe no matter the situation.

Using that experience ESI developed the BAM™ Micro-Grid, which delivers consistent, clean, efficient, resilient energy regardless of the public grid’s condition. ESI is dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive energy systems that are unparalleled in the residential and light commercial market.

We continually evaluate the latest technology and choose only best in class components to ensure we maintain our reputation for innovation and reliability. ESI's BAM™ Micro-Grids are engineered to integrate any future technology that comes down the pipeline.

What We Do differently

ESI's BAM™ Micro-Grids integrate with the electrical and thermal energy elements of your property, acting as the conductor for your entire energy infrastructure.

When orchestrated by the BAM™ Micro-Grid, the various energy producing and energy consuming components of your property act in concert in what we call an “Interactive Energy Grid™” or IEG.

This comprehensive approach to unifying and harmonizing a property's energy infrastructure is unique in the residential and light commercial market.

Previously realized only in large commercial projects, the many advantages in efficiency, stability, cost and straight-up elegance are being brought to your property by ESI.

Our Services

From Project Planning and Design Engineering to Installation and post project support, we've got you covered. Click on Read More to dive into the Phases Of The Project We Assist In And What We Do for each Phase.

Customer Testimonials

We have worked on some very demanding and exclusive residential and commercial projects that we are very proud of. More importantly however, is what our customers say about our team, our products and the craftsmanship they produce.

La Honda, CA

  • Mega-BAM Microgrid
  • 30kW Solar array
  • 36kW Micro-grid with expendability to 72kW
  • 10kW Whole House UPS
  • Dual 30kW Generator back-up
  • Fire Pump integration (3phase 408VAC)

Kentfield, CA

  • Complete Electrical and Thermal Design
  • 10kW/58K BTU Micro-CHP
  • Extensive Thermal-Grid
  • 10kW Energy Storage
  • 10kW Whole House UPS system
  • Fully integrated environmental control system for two spas, large pool, DHW and the main house, studio and guest house

Atherton, CA

  • 10kW/58KBTU Micro-CHP
  • Extensive Thermal-Grid, Pool/Dual Spa, DHW and home heat
  • 10kWh Energy Storage
  • 10kW Solar
  • 10kW Whole House UPS system
  • Fully Integrated environment and energy controls with remote monitoring


Designing, Engineering and installing an intelligent Micro-Grid is a team effort and we are proud to partner with some very competent professionals and craftsman that help us deliver on our mutual clients project goals.

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