We Are Energy Security

Energy Security, Inc. (ESI) designs, engineers and manufactures the Energy Conductor Micro-Grid™ .

ESI’s founders have been designing and implementing comprehensive energy systems for smart-home customers for over 30 years. These customers required clean, uninterrupted energy to keep their properties' sophisticated systems operating, and their families safe no matter the situation.

Using that experience ESI developed the Energy Conductor Micro-Grid™ , which delivers consistent, clean, efficient, resilient energy regardless of the public grid’s condition. ESI is dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive energy systems that are unparalleled in the residential and light commercial market.

We continually evaluate the latest technology and choose only best in class components to ensure we maintain our reputation for innovation and reliability. ESI's Energy Conductor Micro-Grid™ is engineered to integrate any future technology that comes down the pipeline.

our mission

Together, we can reimagine and re-architect the traditional public energy grid by locating energy production closer to where it is consumed.

our vision

Every home and business should be able to create, capture, manage and store their own clean energy, deciding how they want to use it and shielding themselves from an increasingly unreliable public grid. Surplus energy you produce, can be sent to the public grid, making our national grid more resilient while increasing use of renewable components.

Message from Founder

“Quality Is not An Act, it is a Habit”

Paul Wilkinson


Meet The E-Team

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