Interactive, Flexible, Secure

Our Energy Conductor systems enable the creation of a comprehensive, integrated energy system we call the “Interactive Energy Grid™” encompassing both the electrical and thermal energy needs of your home or business.

Interactive Energy Grid Use Power How You Want It And When You Want It, More Efficiently.

Competitor’s microgrid systems available in the residential and lite commercial markets only deal with the electrical aspect of your energy needs. These legacy systems use a collection of siloed components each doing what they were intended to do, but without coordination or integration with the other components of your property’s energy infrastructure. Energy Security’s approach unifies these components providing electrical and thermal energy for a complete energy solution to ensure optimum efficiency and reliability.

Products we offer

Flexible System Design

The Interactive Energy Grid (IEG) system is…

  • configured to meet the needs of your home and lifestyle, whatever they may be.
  • built for easy expandability should your needs change in the future.
  • able to use energy from any source. If someone comes up with a new and better way to produce energy, your IEG can incorporate it.

Unrivaled System Features

Unique to ESI's design is an integrated Main Service Panel (MSP) and switchgear delivering the complete electrical distribution infrastructure from source to subpanel.

Traditional inverters are mostly hard-wired and are difficult to replace/service, which means your power is out until it's fixed. Our inverters simply plug into a backplane and are hot-swappable, enabling quick replacement without power interruption.

Our IEG utilizes multiple built in Nano-Grids, which are sophisticated uninterruptable power supplies. This provides independent, clean, uninterruptible electrical power to critical infrastructure and delicate electronics, segregating mission-critical power from all other house loads.

Most systems do not consider thermal energy as part of the equation. However, over 60% of a home's energy consumption comes from heating or cooling living spaces and hot water. Our IEG manages, creates, and stores both thermal and electrical energy. This results in a profound increase in efficiency and reduction in energy cost.

In most systems, if the utility grid goes down, your home loses power for a period of time while the emergency system kicks in. With our IEG, power simply stays on. The system does this by having access to multiple sources of energy, including battery backup, that can be instantly deployed in the event of grid failure.

In the event of a system issue, the critical components of our IEG can be remotely monitored – by our E-Team. Our team will either remotely resolve it or dispatch a repair team. Modular construction makes diagnosis and repair far simpler than traditional systems built on-site. We are able to run system diagnostics without disconnecting your power. If something goes wrong, we are the ones to call.

Our IEG is not limited by energy capacity constraints, enabling us to design and expand your battery storage system to fit your current and future needs.

Unlike most other systems, our design philosophy makes it possible to easily upgrade capacity in the future. We can expand the production input, power output and storage capacity by simply adding modules to our system even after the system is installed. The IEG can easily grow to meet any unforeseen needs of your changing lifestyle.

The critical components in our IEG have built-in redundancy. We deploy N+1 design methodology where critical components are duplicated to ensure your system maintains maximum reliability.

Our unique custom application allows you to monitor and control your home’s complete energy profile from the palm of your hand. The Energy Security App looks at the entire energy envelope of your home, allowing you to see everything that is going on instantaneously and historically, from solar output to utility consumption. And if you wish to modify any setting (hot tub temp, lighting, etc.) it’s all just a click away.