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The only energy management system designed for your needs and delivered in a single system.

Interactive Energy Grid

Our Interactive Energy Grid system put simply is a smart hub where all energy sources are routed through. Which makes it interactive and able to efficiently and intelligently monitor and feed your home with the most efficient source of energy. In the event of a power disruptance or outage the system will automatically route power from alternative sources (i.e. battery back up, solar, or generator) so that your house never skips a beat thus securing what is most important (you and your family). It is flexible in nature and will be custom tailored to your needs.

Use power how you want it and when you want it, more Efficiently.

All energy sources and loads are controlled interactively, in a unified energy envelope. Unlike the legacy approach, where system control is uncoordinated, our Interactive Energy Grid (IEG) manages all connected energy sources in unison, intelligently monitoring and controlling the flow of energy. If the IEG detects any power disruption, it will instantaneously adjust to your needs. This means you are prepared and secure with energy that never goes down no matter the condition. Plus, the added efficiency of your IEG means you pay less for electricity and gas.

Interactive Energy Grid™ (IEG™)

IEG Explained

Flexible System Design

The Interactive Energy Grid (IEG) system is…
  • configured to meet the needs of your home and lifestyle, whatever they may be.
  • built for easy expandability should your needs change in the future.
  • able to use energy from any source. If someone comes up with a new and better way to produce energy, your IEG can incorporate it.

Unrivaled System Features

Integrated mSP & Switchgear
Hot-Swappable Inverters
Nano-Grid Technology
Thermal Production and storage
Blinkless Power
Remote Serviceability
Flexible Battery Sizing
easily Expandable
Built-In Redundancy
ESI's App

Expandable Load Capacity Ease

Failure Backup Redundancy

Hot-Swappable Inverters For No Service Interruption

Built-In UPS to Maintain Home Critical Needs

Battery Storage Custom Sized for Property

Blinkless Power


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