Multiple Family Housing application example :

Property details:
  • 12-unit multi-building Town House development
  • Separate “Club house” with Pool, Hot Tub and sport courts
  • Grid connected 1600 Amp 204/120v split phase Main Service
  • Each unit metered separately (100 Amp service for each unit)
  • Electronic Access control system
  • Extensive Video security system
  • Underground parking garage w/ 2 EV chargers
BAM installed:
  • 800 Amp BAM expandable to 1600 Amp
  • Fully integrated Main Service Panel with Individual electrical use monitoring for each unit and the Club house facilities for billing purposes and remote-controlled feeds to all subpanels.
  • Battery storage installed: 250kWh, expandable to 500kWh 
  • 1 Nano-grid + dedicated DC microgrid control power 
  • Full function thermal grid integration with thermal storage
  • Video security and entrance/egress systems
Thermal-Grid supports:
  • All Domestic Hot Water needs 
  • laundry facilities (dryers are Natural Gas)
  • pool
  • hot tub
  • Clubhouse and individual unit’s heating systems
On-site energy production systems:
  • Roof mounted 200kW solar PV array
  • (2) 35kW, 200k BTU micro-CHP systems (fuel: Natural Gas) 
  • 1,000,000 BTU High efficiency Natural Gas Boiler 
  • High Co-efficient of Performance (CoP of 3) air sourced heat pump for building
Electrical loads shed when public power is not available: 
  • Pool Pump (Can be cycled as necessary even when the public power is not available) 
Electrical loads not supported by the microgrid ever:  
  • EV Chargers
  • Electric Patio heaters
System Highlights:
  • Entire development becomes a “Net Zero” electric user with on-site resources producing more electrical energy than is used.
  • Built-in Grid optimization control software allows you to take advantage of Time of Use electric rates to sell on-site produced power when rates are high and buy public grid power when rates are low.
  • Substantially lowered operational costs and carbon footprint.
  • Entire development is extremely energy resilient
  • Development commands higher prices and sales rates than similar developments in the area.
  • Always on, “blinkless” power ensures continuity of operations and residents are never inconvenienced.
  • BAM’s controls automatically switch electrical production as needed; no manual intervention required.
  • Remote monitoring and control capabilities ensure uptime and reduce mean time to repair should there be a problem.
  • In the event of a catastrophic failure the BAM system is fully by passable with a manual “Frankenstein” switch to transfer all loads to the public grid.
  • Full remote monitoring and control with limited remote serviceability means more uptime, less mean time to repair. Includes a full suite of usage data, both real time and historical for billing and informational purposes, available anywhere, anytime with an authorized connected device.
  • Built-in N+1 inverter bank redundancy. If an inverter were to fail, there would be no degradation of service. The system would merely alert us to the problem so the errant inverter can be replaced when convenient. BAM’s™ Inverters are plug n’ play, hot swappable so even trained on-site personnel can easily perform the replacement with no interruption of service at all.