Mission Critical Systems applications:

  • Uninterrupted power 
  • Clean, noise free power for delicate electronics, controls & security systems
  • Long duration power support
  • Short duration short power support
  • Energy Security’s Nano Energy Conductor, a sophisticated and powerful On-line Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) based on the same mission critical inverter technology used in ESI’s Energy Conductor microgrids.
Example configuration for short duration support:
  • Business office Network and IT systems
  • Need: Short duration power support to enable controlled shutdown to prevent data loss
Nano-energy Conductor solution:
  • 2.5kW inverter system
  • -5kWh battery bank
  • Clean Power distribution panel with 5 circuits
Example configuration for indefinite long
duration support:
  • Manufacturing operations critical operationsNeed: indefinite support of the facility’s critical operations and controls
Nano Energy Conductor solution:
  • (10) 2.5kw inverters
  • 30kWh battery bank
  • Clean Power distribution panel with 15 circuits
  • 30kW back-up generator (provides AC power to the Nano Energy Conductor inverters in the event of a prolonged grid outage.)
Why do I need a Nano-energy Conductor?
  • Supplies “clean” power to sensitive electronic systems and components 24/7/365
  • Power fluctuations, sudden spikes and transients and/or power failures can render sensitive electronic equipment useless. 
  • “Clean” power is electricity that is free of spikes and transients in voltage ensuring the longevity of your sensitive electronics and protecting your investment. 
  • Power irregularities can corrupt stored data and commands in sensitive equipment.
Equipment connected to the Nano-energy Conductor is always powered.
  • If a power failure or “brownout” condition exists, the equipment connected to the UPS is unaffected because the batteries in the UPS are always supplying power to the connected devices.
  • Sophisticated control and/or computer systems should never be suddenly turned off. These kinds of systems need to be powered down in an orderly fashion or they may not come back up at all. 
  • With an Online UPS, there is no transfer time at all in the transition to battery power. Connected equipment is always powered directly by the Nano energy Conductor.
How does the Nano energy Conductor work?
  • ESI’s nano energy Conductor uses dual conversion technology. AC power is delivered to the UPS and is then rectified becoming DC power. That DC power is constantly charging the batteries. The DC power from the batteries is then converted into AC power by state-of-the-art pure sine wave inverters which create the “clean” AC power that is supplied to the connected devices. With ESI’s nano energy Conductor, connected devices receive continuous “Clean” power. When a power failure or “Brownout” occurs on the incoming AC power the batteries are there to take up the slack and keep your sophisticated electronics safe and running. A Nano energy Conductor can be configured to provide short duration power support allowing time for a controlled shutdown or extended duration power support to ride out even long power failures with both battery and generator support.
What’s so special about nano energy Conductor?
  • After years of searching finally someone has made a sophisticated inverter with all the capabilities, we felt were necessary in a truly 100% reliable, small form factor, modular form. These inverters are double conversion (AC to DC to AC) and bi-directional (power can be sourced and sent in either direction) which makes them ideal for mission critical applications. These compact yet powerful inverters allow us to source power from almost any type of electrical energy source, making them very flexible fitting any kind of power system on or off grid. The modularity of these inverters means we can build a nano energy Conductor to any size that may be necessary from 2.5KW to 200KW. They are hot swappable, plug-and-play with built-in redundancy capabilities. We build our nano energy Conductor with n+1 redundancy, should an inverter fail the other inverters automatically pick up the load with no interruption in service. The inverters small form factor takes up far less valuable space than competitor’s offerings making for a compact and robust solution to your mission critical systems power needs.