Lite commercial application example:

Business details: 
  • Small commercial formulator
  • 24/7 operation
  • Controlled shutdown of process and bottling line in the event of a grid power failure
  • Uninterrupted power to process controls and IT/ networking systems
  • Low cost supplemental electrical and thermal power
BAM details:
  • 800Amp 480VAC three phase BAM expandable to 1200 Amps 
  • Fully integrated Main Service Panel with feeds to all subpanels 
  • Also provides 240/12VAC split phase power to controls and IT/networking systems
  • Battery storage installed: 200kWh, expandable to 500kWh 
  • 2 Nano-grids + dedicated DC microgrid control power 
  • thermal integration for process heat
  • Process controls
  • IT and networking systems (servers, routers, computers) 
On-site energy production systems:
  • 125kW carport solar PV array 
  • 100kW Natural Gas CHP system (outputs 100kW and 573k BTUs per hour)
  • 250kW 480VAC, 3 phase back-up generator (Fuel: natural Gas)
  • 1M BTU high efficiency natural gas boiler
System highlights:
  • Greatly reduced fuel costs and carbon footprint. 
  • Solar array and battery energy storage system provide for 50% of the property’s energy during the day. With CHP system providing supplemental electrical power and heat for process line day and night while automatically taking advantage of public grid’s low off-peak rates at night.
  • Full remote monitoring and control with limited remote serviceability means more uptime less mean time to repair. Includes a full suite of usage data, both real time and historical, available anywhere anytime with your connected device.
  • Manual bypass to full generator support via” Frankenstein” switch in the event of an emergency.
  • System supplies 240/120VAC split phase and 480VAC three phase power
  • Built-in N+1 inverter bank redundancy. If an inverter were to fail, there would be no degradation of service. The system would merely alert us to the problem so the the errant inverter can be when it is convenient. BAM’s™ Inverters are plug n’ play hot swappable. Replaceable with no interruption of service at all.