Custom home application example:

Property Details:
  • 3,000 sq ft home with pool, spa and hydronic heating system.
  • Grid connected: 400Amp 240/120VAC split phase Main Service Panel
  • Water supply: Well
  • Whole house A/V system
  • comprehensive security/surveillance/Access Control system
  • Microgrid supported load Panel: 200Amp 240/120VAC split phase
Energy Conductor installed: Mini
  • 200Amp Energy Conductor easily expandable to 400AmpĀ 
  • Fully integrated Main Service Panel with remote controlled feeds to all subpanels
  • Battery storage installed: 100kWh, expandable to 250kWh
  • 2 Nano-grids + dedicated DC micro-grid control power
  • Full function thermal grid integration
  • Whole house A/V system controls
  • Security and IT infrastructure (servers, routers, computers)
Thermal-grid supports:
  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Hydronic heating system
  • Pool/Spa heating
On-site energy production systems:
  • 20kW solar PV array
  • 250,000 BTU High efficiency Natural Gas Boiler
  • High Co-efficient of Performance (CoP of 3) air sourced heat pump
  • 10kW / 56K BTU Micro-CHP system (fuel: Natural Gas)
  •  15kW emergency back-up generator (Fuel: Propane)
Electrical loads that would require a larger energy Conductor Micro-Grid:
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Oven
  • Electric patio heaters
  • 5,000 Watt A/V amplifier system (controls & critical components remain powered via dedicated nanogrid ensuring a safe and timely shutdown of the high-power amps)
Electrical loads shed when public power is not available:
  • Pool Pump (Can be cycled as necessary even when the public power is not available)
  • Well Pump (Can be cycled as necessary even when the public power is not available)