Estate Property application example:

Property Details:
  • 5,000 sq ft House 
  • Small guest “cottage”
  • Property manager’s house
  • (2) Outbuildings located approximately 1000 ft from the house. Energy Conductor is installed in outbuilding.
  • 200  acres with a fast-moving year-round stream
  • Off-grid
  • Water supply: river
  • (3) 480VAC three phase fire pumps for fire suppression 
  • Pool and hot tub
  • Snow melting system on main and guest house roofs 
  • Automatic gates at 2 entrances
  • Video Surveillance/security system/Access Control
Energy Conductor details:
  • 300 Amp 240/120VAC Energy Conductor expandable to 800 Amps
  • Also provides 480VAC, 3 phase supply for fire pumps
  • Electrical output to house and guest cottage is converted to 600V within our Energy Conductor cabinets then converted back to 240V at house to facilitate transmission via inexpensive cabling and less line loss.
  • Fully integrated Main Service Panel with feeds to all subpanels
  • Battery storage installed: 75kWh, expandable to 500kWh 
  • 2 Nano-grids + dedicated DC micro-grid control power 
  • Full thermal integration with thermal storage (except Property manager’s house)
  •  A/V system controls 
  • Security, entrance/egress systems and IT infrastructure (servers, routers, computers) 
On-site energy production systems: 
  •  75kW Hydropower system
  •  35kW/204kBTU/hr. microCHP system (Fuel: Propane) 
  • 2M BTU high-efficiency propane boiler
  • High efficiency (CoP of 4) geo-sourced Heat Pump system
  •  35kW emergency back-up generator (Propane)
  • Supports general residential electrical and heat pump operation only
On-site energy production systems:
  • 20kW solar PV array
  • 250,000 BTU High efficiency Natural Gas Boiler
  • High Co-efficient of Performance (CoP of 3) air sourced heat pump
  • 10kW / 56K BTU Micro-CHP system (fuel: Natural Gas)
  •  15kW emergency back-up generator (Fuel: Propane)
System highlights:
  • Greatly reduced fuel costs and carbon footprint. Hydropower provides for 100% of the property’s electrical energy needs taking advantage of the property’s year-round stream to produce free power 24/7/365.
  • 35kW microCHP provides cost effective supplemental electrical and thermal energy on an as needed basis.
  • Full thermal grid provides highly efficient and economical heat for all domestic hot water use, pool, hot tub, space heating and snow melting needs.
  • Excess electrical energy production can be converted to heat and stored for use when needed
  • Full remote monitoring and control with limited remote serviceability means more uptime less mean time to repair. Includes a full suite of usage data, both real time and historical, available anywhere anytime with your connected device.
  • System supplies both 240/120VAC split phase and 480VAC three phase power
  • Enhanced safety with dedicated 480VAC three phase power provided to property’s fire suppression system in the event of an emergency.
  • Manual bypass to full generator support via” Frankenstein” switch in the event of an emergency.
  • Control software automatically balances the runtime of the two on-site generators.
  • Built-in N+1 inverter bank redundancy. If an inverter were to fail, there would be no degradation of service. The system would merely alert us to the problem so we could replace the errant inverter when it is convenient. Energy Conductor Inverters are plug n’ play hot swappable. Replaceable with no interruption of service at all.