Cryptocurrency mining applications:

  • Uninterrupted resilient power 
  • Low-cost power   
  • Clean, noise free power
  • Multiple power sources
  • Energy Security’s BAM™ microgrid
BAM™ solution: Mega-BAM
  • 400 Amp (96kW) expandable to 800 Amp (192kW) 240/120 split or 3 phase power 
  • Fully integrated Main Service Panel with remote monitored feeds to all subpanels
  • BESS: 150kWh of LFP battery storage expandable to 1 MWh
  • 9kW-18kW Nano-Grid networking infrastructure and mission critical controls
Optional On-site energy production systems: 
  • solar PV array (capacity depends on site)
  • Omni-directional Wind turbine system (site dependent)
  • emergency back-up generator  
  • Thermal-Grid integration

BAM’s™ unparalleled performance and reliability delivers “blinkless” always on, clean, noise free, low-cost power no matter the circumstances. Only BAM™ offers a flexible architecture that can be configured to meet your current power needs while being easily upgraded for future capacity expansion. 

The BAM™ as described above would be built to be capable of delivering the max rated power (800 Amps) and populated with 400 Amps worth of our plug n’ play inverters. Adding additional capacity is as simple as sliding more inverters into the backplane.

Cost of power is dependent on the production source(s). The more renewables the site can support the lower the per kWh cost. Battery capacity can also augment the average kWh cost by utilizing “grid optimization” algorithms that take advantage of the utility company’s Time of Use rate schedules. Energy Security’s team can help determine what is the most economical system architecture for your situation. BAM™ is “Energy Agnostic” capable of using electrical energy from almost any source (12VDC to 1500VAC) and multiple sources all at the same time.

Energy Security’s BAM could also be configured to deliver clean DC power directly to your crypto mining equipment, making it even more efficient and eliminating the need for individual DC power supplies for each piece of mining equipment. We do this with the BAM’s own control circuitry.

BAM provides your crypto mining operation with a competitive advantage: