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Energy Security

Energy Security, Inc. (ESI)  was formed to better address the market created by the public grid’s inability to deliver consistent, reliable power to customers here in Northern California. ESI’s founders have been designing and implementing comprehensive energy security systems for smart-home customers for over 30 years. These customers required clean, uninterrupted energy to keep their home’s sophisticated systems operating, and their families safe no matter the situation. Using that experience ESI developed systems that deliver consistent, clean, efficient. tailored energy regardless of  the public grid’s condition. Energy Security, Inc. is dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive energy security systems that are unparalleled in the residential and small business market.

Meet the E-Team

Design & Engineering - The E-Team


Paul Wilkinson

Paul’s passion for energy security began shortly after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Living just 2 miles from the epicenter, his home and many neighbors’ homes were left without power indefinitely. He vowed never to be left in the dark again and set about designing and building his own custom micro-grid, based on a micro-cogeneration system. Energy independence for his property, pool, spa and home was his main goal. Paul has been an electronics system architect and integrator for the three decades since then, with extensive background in energy management systems. His passion is to provide others the same protective energy envelope that benefits his own home and family.

Head of Manufacturing

Danny Benjamin

Celebrating being the third generation of his  family owned and operated business, Danny has  spent almost fifty years designing and building power distribution equipment, from both the hardware and software perspectives. His career has been accented by the introduction of multiple applications which have profoundly improved the art of building normally mundane power distribution equipment.  From the introduction of programmable logic controllers into switchboards, to the integration of graphical HMI’s providing the user with visibility never previously available, his company has been consistently at the forefront of energy infrastructure technology.  Benjamin Electric has consistently eclipsed their contemporaries because they develop systems and processes that have never been contemplated before. They have always focused on high quality and high reliability which has been a huge attraction to the mission-critical power users of the world.


Tom Jackson

Tom  leads the ESI storage project engineering team, drawing from his experience in grid-attached and off-grid energy storage development for the largest utilities in the world. He previously led product development and system design for PV+Storage products for NRG and the Field and Systems engineering teams at Aquion Energy.


Robert Walter

As owner of Vancouver, Canada based TTS Thermaltech Systems Inc., Robert has nearly 30 years of industrial automation experience developing custom electronics and real time control software for industrial heating, robotic material handling, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, fluid process and motion control systems.  His wide range of knowledge, and hands on approach to systems development have helped make ESI’s Interactive Energy Grid™ systems truly unique in the industry.

Electrical Engineer & P.E.

Tripp Hyde

As President of Hyde Engineering Services, Inc. Tripp has overseen the design, deployment, and operation of 250+ advanced energy projects, including behind-the-meter and utility-connected battery energy storage and MW-scale solar PV, and now focuses on electrical engineering design for all ESI IEG solutions. Previously Director of Engineering Services at Stem, Inc., Tripp holds bachelor’s degrees in electrical and computer systems engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and two master’s degrees from Duke University in engineering management and environmental management. Tripp is also a certified LEED Accredited Professional and Model Law Engineer, and holds professional engineering licenses in ten US states.


Mark Urfer

Mark Urfer, PE is a 40 year veteran of the power industry with roots in energy conservation, automation system application, energy management and energy system design, including as Project Manager for a multi-billion US dollar gigawatt level grid expansion overseas. Mark designs and engineers the integration of mechanical systems associated with the ESI IEG. Mark has a passion for alternative energy applications and formerly was a NABCEP Certified Solar Installation Contractor in Northern California.

Acoustic Engineering

Russ Berger

Russ Berger is President of Russ Berger Designs ( with over 2,500 designs to his credit. System noise control is a major concern in every project, and Russ adds his talent and skill set to ensure ESI systems are seen and not heard.  His work includes National Public Radio headquarters, Whitney Houston’s personal studio, Sweetwater, NFL Films headquarters, Kirk Franklin, Belmont University, Sony Music, MasterMix, Paragon Studios, BiCoastal Music and Lakewood Church. In recognition of his work, the industry has presented him with eight TEC Awards for technical excellence and creativity in acoustics and studio design. Russ is one of the original licensees for performing TEF measurements, and is the 2007 recipient of the prestigious. He is a recognized Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America (FASA).


Mark Wialbut

Mark’s passion for energy efficiency started during the late 1970’s “gas crisis”. Leaving Intel to join a small team that invented and brought to market the world’s first microprocessor-based Energy Management System. That system is the basis for modern building controls. He subsequently spent many years in the semiconductor industry before returning to his passion to make the world a little better, one micro-grid at a time.


Tom Milpacher

Over his 25 years  in control system programming, Tom created many User Interfaces that allow clients to control the various systems in their home or offices.  His focus on the ESI IEG’s AI control system  is key to its t adept and efficient  client-friendly operation.  Tom provides clients simple interfaces and takes the “complicated” metric out of the conversation.

ESI Support Team


Jeff Hill

Jeff brings over 25 years of experience in process controls including PLC programming, HMI development, SCADA, database, communications, adaptive modeling and electrical design.  With his B.S. Chemical Engineer, he has worked primarily in the communications, power and water industries.  Designing advanced control systems to the highest safety and quality standards is his passion.


Jean-Paul Faraj

After graduating with a degree in Energy Management and Design, Jean-Paul went to work in solar and California energy code building modeling. From there he taught himself web design and pursued User Experience Design before ending up at Energy Security leading app and web experience for the team.

Remote Systems

Kevin Kutsuma

Kevin has been in the consumer electronics and security industry for over 40 years. His strengths are in System Design and sub-system Integration as well as being fluent in the IT space.  Kevin plays many roles at ESI from the planning stages to post project support he’s very committed to the company’s success.


Kirk Reid

Since 2002 Kirk has provided consulting services for client’s home and small business IT system needs. Prior to 2002 he spent 20+ years designing telecommunication products for a number companies and OEM’s. Kirk’s ability to react quickly to system issues has made him a valuable asset to ESI’s customers.

CAD SUpport

Daneal Bochenek

Daneal Bochenek is the owner of Beyond Staging Architectural Services for residential design and drafting.   She has provided outstanding drafting services for Energy Security Inc. for the last two years.  She started her journey as a hand drafter while in high school and attended Grays Harbor College. Over several years, she advanced to become a designer in the Engineering department and skilled in early CAD drafting.  Her career took her into Industrial Architecture, project management and design for biotech, industrial, and commercial facilities.  But her true passion was always where her roots were, and so when the opportunity arose, she took the leap back to designing homes and enhancing people’s lives, if only “one micro-grid at a time”.

Remote Programming Support

Kallan Morrow

Kallan has been working in the Consumer Electronics Industry for 27 years in many different capacities.  He has done everything from pre-wires to finals and service to sales. In 2015 Kallan decided the most rewarding part of the industry was writing creative code and coming up with innovative solutions to complex issues to make the end- user's life less complex.  Kallan creates awesome user interfaces that make our systems easy to use.

Field technician

Miguel Patino

Miguel Patino brings 12 years of experience working in construction and the installation of Micro-Grids, Thermal-Grids, Combined Heat and Power systems, and low voltage wiring.  He’s skilled at building custom control systems.

Field technician

Juan Patino

Juan Patino has been working with the ESI team for 6 years, specializing in low voltage installations and programming custom home control  systems.

ESI Operations Team

Customer Service

Janice Fok

Janice’s background is in project management and administrative support, and she helps the ESI team and customers with any and all requests.

Office Manager


Jeri manages all that goes on in our office, including the money that goes in and out, and makes sure Luna has everything her heart desires!!

Logistics Manager


Susan wears many hats here at ESI, including managing our operations and procurement, and tracking everything down to make sure it’s where it needs to be when it needs to be there.



Miss Luna, “ aka Luna Tunes” is our dedicated Fun-gineer.  She makes certain that fun is always injected into every day!!!